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Designer Melik Kam is a global influencer in men's fashion.
Menswear Designer Melik Kam has been working in the fashion industry for over 17 years. After taking over various tasks in the Vakko Group, Melik Kam worked for more than two years as Vakkorama Menswear Stylist.
Melik Kam has been very active on Instagram and has a large fan base. The sense for style and special outfit combination he shared on Instagram at the beginning turned Melik Kam into a global influencer in men's fashion. After sharing more and more professional content, Melik has become one of the most known men's fashion influencer in his home country Turkey.
Because of his special style Melik Kam gets invited many times to Pitti Uomo, well known as Men's Fashion Center of the world, to create and join shootings with other world-famous influencer in Men's Fashion. Many mainstream fashion magazines such as GQ Italia and Harpers Bazaar, made interviews and shootings with Melik Kam during his visits in Florence. Today, he is known as one of the global influencers of men's fashion with more than 210,000 organic followers on Instagram.
Melik Kam, who gave his name and spirit to the brand, says he creates a brand essence as he feels good:
His slogan is Remarkable Everyday: "Every hour of every day should be felt very special and extraordinary."
"For many people luxury means expensive items, but not for me. In my opinion luxury is to live and dress the way you like. With my brand many individuals have the chance to wear high quality clothes. It makes me happy to make them feel very special and extraordinary at any time of the day."